Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's time

Yeah so it's been longer than two months since Jesse and I have gone out for some grown up time. I love my girls dearly but anyone that wants to keep their sanity knows that this involves a break from the kiddos.

They're a handful even at 6 and 7 but then again they've always been high maintenance when they're together. Noelle, who is the oldest and much calmer can sit next to me on the couch and watch TV no problem. Jade on the other hand is on the go all the time - unless this child is sick or engrossed in an "amazing" (her words not mine) movie, she is moving, hopping, fidgeting.

I love them though. They give me something to be proud of and reason to brag :) Aliviah will be here in about 3 months and I'm planning on spending at least a little one on one time with daddy-o before she gets here. I'm so worried that I'm gonna be overwhelmed with having a newborn in the house and a very needy, clingy 6 year old. I know that I can depend on Noelle to be the big sister which makes me super happy and excited.

I also don't know how much time, if any, they are giving Jesse off from work once I deliver. My guess is that he will probably have to take some PTO which I don't want him to do.
We usually go camping with the girls every summer in a region up above Steamboat Springs, CO (Hahns Peak) at the border with Wyoming for a whole week. The entire family and close friends come each year to go fishing, swimming, and catch up: I don't want to take that away from them this summer.

We have a giftcard for dinner that his boss gave us as a Christmas present and a night of babysitting promised to us from my father in law that we haven't used yet. It's just a matter of planning. Dinner and a movie sounds heavenly right now.

I wish it was warm enough to go walking around downtown Denver but it still gets really cold this time of year. Maybe closer to April or May.

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